Bicycle - Prestige - 2 Deck set (Gold & Silver)

We are proud to offer to you "Bicycle Prestige", a 2 deck set that is really out of the ordinary. These decks have been printed with metallic ink, in gold and silver colors. Our company has the WORLD EXCLUSIVE of these decks with USPC (the most famous card factory in the world that produces, among others the famous Bicycle decks). You will be able to use them as normal decks but also for spectacular color changes. Naturally also the tuck cases are gold and silver colors.

• The quality is the usual quality that Bicycle decks guarantee.

• The set is particularly elegant and ideal for giving yourself, or your friends a wonderful present.
• These poker size decks are enriched by the presence of 6 additional specially printed cards.

The gold deck in fact has the following extra cards: a blank face card, a 9 of diamonds with falling pips, and a 4 of hearts with a burn on it.

The silver deck has the following extra cards: a blank face card, an ace of hearts with a black central ace, an ace of clubs with a red central club.

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