Cups & Balls - Wood - Indian style

The Indian Cups and Balls is probably the oldest magic that have become a classic of magic in which more sleights and subtleties of hand are exhibited.
The prestige of conjuring is heightened by the simplicity of the apparatus used.

The whole art of Indian Cups and Balls is divided into two basic principles.
- The appearance of a ball under a cup where a moment ago there was nothing.
- The disappearance of a ball from beneath a cup under which the audience have first seen it.

Here is a cups and balls set made in wood, and with the beautiful Indian style.
Great to give new oriental charm to a great classic tick.

We supply three marvelous indian cups, that are made with great care from wood. They are cm 6,3 (2,48") tall, and have a diameter of cm 6,9 (3,54").
Also supplied are 4 red knitted balls that each have a diameter of cm 2,5 (0,98") together with the instructions that teach the basic techniques for a simple routine.
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