Chinese Linking Rings - Eco - 8 in. (cm. 20)

This is a classic set made from eight rings. You can use all eight rings, or if you prefer just three or five. The effect is very well known: the rings are shown to be separate, and then are magically linked together in various ways. Then they are un-linked again. All this right in front of the spectators bewildered eyes.

These rings are "eco" in the sense that they are sold very cheaply. As their strong point is their price, they are ideal for those who want to start trying for the first time this wonderful effect and do not have the perefct quality of the rings as their top priority. Small imperefections, such as scratches or visible welding joits, do not compromise the presentation of the effect and are not really visible to the audience.

Get this set at an incredible price!

• Great both for stage and parlor shows.
• Made in metal, they produce a nice ringing sound when they hit eachother.
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