Flow Playing Cards (Deck of MACC)

In the magic and cardistry community, the most important thing is the “FLOW”. There is the spirit like the natural flow to make your flourish looks great. The magic performance is also the same to require the clean effects and sleights. We take that part of the spirit in the community as the deck inspiration concept. For us, to represent the lava burning that is the passion to all cardists and magicians in their performing moments. Flow Playing Cards in a few words description that is the love for magic and card flourishing.

- Luxury Stock with Legendary Finish!
- Printed by TWPCC (Taiwan Playing Card CO.)

• The cards are poker size.

About MACC:
MACC is a Latin America Group of Magicians and Cardists (MACC meand “Magic and Cardistry Community”). We highly encourage people to learn and improve the skills by attending events to present what inspired people to carry out all their projects and realize their dreams as far as magic and cardistry are concerned.
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