Han Seol Hui - We Can Do it

Han Seol-Hui was awarded the 1st prize for manipulation at Fism 2009. Receiving a lot of love to CD manipulation over the past 10 years.
This DVD contains all of his skills .
As the title implies, Beginners can easily learn CD magic from This DVD.
And learn a variety of basic skills and professional routine. You will be able to learn something you wonder through Tips.
Tenkai Palm - CD Count Control - Double Lift - Lateral Palm - Pivot - Perfect Production - Multiple Perfect Production - Finger Rolling - Silk Change - Back Palm Production - Re-Grip Production - Color Change - Wilson Palm - Interlock - Mini CD - CD Star
Professional Routines
Thunderbird CD Routine - Basic CD Production Routine - One CD Routine - Re-Grip Routine (Card Style) - SH's Original CD Production Routine - Color Change Routine - Mini CD Routine (Ball Style)
Bonus Tricks
Pocket Topit - Back Pocket Steal - Table Holding - CD Diminishing Routine - CD Throwing Vanish
Removing the friction - Preventing reflection (CD Taping) - Angles for CD manipulation - Required materials - Making a CD holder - Making a double-faced CD
• The spoken laguage on the DVD is Korean, with English subtitles, and the explanations are easy to follow.
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