Malini Egg Bag Reloaded by Bazar De Magia - Black

The classic Malini Egg Bag, a routine used over and over again with confidence by professional magicians today and in years past all over the world! See why! An egg vanishes and is produced from an examined empty bag. Invisible pocket means spectator can stick their hand inside the bag and not find a thing!

A fabulous Bag and Egg routine, from Malini, recreated from ideas of Malini, Kaps, Ken Brook and Tamariz. You have never seen such a marvelous magic routine. And, what is even better, you will be able to perform it
Built in the same size of the original Malini Egg Bag. Manufactured in black high quality silk, soft rugged loose absolutely beautiful material.

• Bazar De Magia quality.
• Online video instructions. Even if in English and Spanish they are clear and easy to follow thanks to the video.

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