Meow Star Playing Cards V2 - Vending Machine

Do you still remember the Meow Star playing card? It sure did satisfy cravings for cat-related things and showed that cards are not only for shuffling but also for admiring!
The fact that Meow Star became so popular gave a lot of confidence. Clearly, there is no limit to cuteness! So, here a sequel to the Meow Star, the Meow Star Vending Machine!
Just like its predecessor, the style and colour of Meow Star Vending Machine is fresh and lovely and the hand-painted Japanese style pictures are soft and easy on the eye. Unlike the prequel, it has been designed with two layers of different packaging.

The package hides secrets, much like a surprise egg hides a toy inside. If you pull up on the top tab, you’ll pull out the cutest cat!

After removing the outside sleeve, you’ll reveal a box in the shape of a vending machine, hiding a deck of cards. Have been added deliberately all the small details, just like the coin slot, the button, and the delivery port.
Through the front window, you can see many furry cats squeezed all together, waiting to be adopted by the future owners. On the bottom, there is one curious cat peeking out to see who the lucky person will be to become its friend for life.
There is another cat sitting at the back of the machine with a fish on its head. Both sides of the box also have some scattered Meow Star coins, which might have fallen out of the vending machine. The whole box is fun and full of little stories. Open it up and let yourselves be charmed!

The backs of all the cards are completely filled with cats. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the cats, just like people, have their own personality, colour, and mood. A shy cat plunged into fruit jelly, a greedy kitty wrapped in a cake, or another one peeking through a donut. These creatures of the Meow Star are enveloped in a sweet aroma of dessert!

The Meow Star Playing cards are printed with United States Playing Card Co. Air Cushion Finish with Premium Quality. They will be hand assembled in Bocopo Warehouse in Shanghai, China.

• The cards are poker size.
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