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Messado Black Rings

Built to Joshua Messado’s exact specifications, over a dozen prototypes were made until the seamless, carbon-black rings were considered "just perfect" by Messado.
The Messado Rings are unlike any other rings you’ve seen - they have a larger gauge, but smaller circumference than other close-up rings (e.g - Ninja).
The rings are forged from a custom alloy that bonds to the finish ensuring a rugged construction, that stands up to hundreds of ring clashes a day, and are precision weighted to deliver an exact centre of gravity - crucial for moves like the Centrifugal Link.
Messado gives the rings the prestige they deserve, from his eloquent speech to his top-hat and coat - even the name ‘Mr Messado’ commands respect. So the mock-velvet bag that rings are usually carried in was ditched, and instead designed a stylish black carrying case, emblazoned with the Messado Rings logo and finished it with zippers shaped to echo the rings inside.

• Ellusionist quality.
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