Mr. Pearl - Pearl’s Coin

Mr. Pearl is one of the leading magicians in Korea. He has won both in Korea and Japan the Grand prix in close-up magic.
However, his true competence comes from his experience of performing as a bar magician for 10 years.
In his debut project, Pearl‘s Coins, he reveals 8 of his very best coin routines. Just by watching this DVD, you will find yourself grown as a magician.
Mr. Pearl, one of the best magicians in South Korea, finally reveals 8 of his selected coin materials from his working repertoire.
Coin Division
This beautiful production of 4 coins is a genuine pleasure to the eyes. It’s a great interest catcher before you get into your coins across or matrix, for example.
Coin Across
Any lover of coin magic will love Mr. Pearl’s take on this classic plot in coin magic.
OP Matrix (2 versions)
You’ll have to see to believe how impossible this version of matrix looks like.
Good Night Matrix
This routine alone is worth the price of the DVD! It is the absolute favorite of Mr. Pearl‘s, and it will soon be yours as well.
Angel’s Hanky
If you could really produce coins from a handkerchief, it won’t look that different from this one.
CG Routine (2 versions)
This streamlined version of the classic Coin & Glass plot is Mr. Pearl’s attempt in making the routine more natural and as convincing as possible.
• The DVD is in English, but it's very clear and easy to follow even for anybody that does not know this language.
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