Okito Box

EFFECT 1 The magician places some coins into the Okito Box and closes it with its lid. The closed box is put on the back of his hand and with just a tap on the lid, the coins instantly fall on the table penetrating both the box and the magician’s hand! When opened the Okito Box will be found empty!

EFFECT 2 The magician puts one or more coins into the box and closes it. He then puts the closed box on the table and brings his other hand under the table. Instantly the coins will penetrate right through the box and table, ending up in the magicians hand. When opened the Okito Box will be found empty!

• Takes up hardly any pocket space.

• The box is completely examinable.

• The box has a diameter of cm 3 (1,2”), and with its lid on is cm 1,4 (0,6”) tall.

• This box is a perfect size for half dollar coins (or smaller coins), and can contain up to four half dollars (not supplied).

• With this fantastic accessory you will be able to present both very easy and increasingly difficult routines according to your level of ability.

• The basic effects described above are just an example of the potential of this box. Many other routines, presentations and effects can easily be found in numerous books and DVDs.

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