Pom Pon Wand by Vincenzo Di Fatta

Our Company has freshened up the look to this classic effect by creating a version that uses a big magic wand instead of the usual stick. The magician shows a large black magic wand with white tips. A piece of string passes through each end. There are different colored pom-poms attached to each end of the string. The magician pulls up or down one of the pom-poms on one side to show that the two pom-poms are joined together by the same cord that runs through the wand. He then dose the same with the pom-poms on the other side. … It is now that the fun begins! When the magician pulls up or down one of the pom-poms of one side of the wand, the audience will see go up one of the pom-poms on the other side. This is repeated with growing participation and fun of the audience, that will go “crazy” trying to understand how the pom-poms are “magically” connected. The pom-poms can be pulled as desired, but the final result will not change. Naturally at the end everybody will believe that the pom-poms on each side are connected through the wand to the pom-poms on the opposite side. But the magician then separates the wand in half, showing that there is absolutely no connection!

• Easy to do.

• A real classic in magic.

• The wand can be taken apart for easy transport.

• Great for any kind of show, and really a must have for children’s shows.

• The wand is 52 cm long (20,47”) and has a diameter of 3 cm (1,18”). The pom-poms have a diameter of about 8 cm (3,14”).

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