Prism Day Playing Cards

The Prism cards are a beautiful and colorful creation featuring UV gloss ink on the card faces. This is not a just shinier card stock; it is an extra layer of gloss printed on the cards to create a unique finish. This gloss is not the same as MPC use on their ‘impressions’ decks – it is true UV gloss that is neat, highly reflective and has a slight rainbow shine to it that really catches the eye.
The Prism: Day deck comes packaged in a predominantly white tuckbox with intricate textured high gloss regions accentuating the exploding light of the sun. This is the same shiny smooth gloss ink as the card faces, so you can feel the patterned design under your fingers.
The card back is a true two-way rainbow explosion design completing the colorful deck.
All the cards in the Prism decks are fully custom. In the Day deck, the suit markers (pips) on the front are rainbows shot through with bright sunlight which shines from the gloss:
the court cards also match the glossy themes and are custom to the Prism trilogy.
The Jokers are just as beautiful; radials of rainbow light refracting through a prism and converging to embody the essence of the deck!
Prism: Day features:
Printed with Legends Playing Card Company on their Diamond Finish
Intricately glossed tuckbox
54 Custom and Unique playing cards each with a world-first gloss layer
Bright and colorful two-way back design
Custom holographic deck seal (numbered if stretch goal reached)
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