Sitta Euroblendo - Cm 70 x 45

The magician shows the audience a string of flags of various countries that are part of the European Community.

He gathers them up and then instantly makes them disappear, changing them to a beautiful large blendo with the flag of the European Community.

• This is an original Alberto Sitta item and the quality is second to none.
• All flags are made with 100% pure silk. The small flags measure cm 16 x 11 (6,29” x 4,33”) while the blendo silk measures cm 70 x 45 (27,55” x 17,71”).
• Together with the small flags and the blendo also a special gimmick is supplied. As an alternative, the transformation can also be made by using traditional changing items (change bag, mirror glass, devil’s hank…) not supplied.

NOTE: in the video the effect is shown, but the dimensions of the item you will receive are written in the description.
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