Tenyo - Magical mri

The magician shows a metal plate and hands it to the spectator for examination. The metal plate is inserted into a stand that allows the plate to remain upright. Next, several dice are introduced. The spectator is invited to place these dice on the other side of the metal plate. Although the metal plate is solid, the magician can see through and announce the numbers on top of each die.
Following this demonstration, the magician asks a spectator to place any playing card against the far side of the metal plate. Although it is impossible for anyone to see the face of the card, the magician sees through the metal plate and correctly announces the chosen card. While numerous secrets could allow you to perform an x-ray vision type effect, MAGICAL MRI utilizes a surprising gimmick that will baffle even the most experienced professional magicians.
The cleverly hidden MRI (Mirage Reflection Image) within the enclosed props does all of the work, allowing you to demonstrate feats of x-ray vision that appear truly impossible.
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