Tora Wonderful Dove Box

The magician shows a box that is open on top and on the bottom. He closes the bottom with a panel, and then places a dove inside the box. After an instant, the inside of the box dramatically takes fire. At the command of the magician, the fire disappears. The magician then pushes 5 long spikes right through the box. He now takes the bottom panel off, and shows that the dove has completely vanished. To finish, he puts the panel back on the box, takes the spikes out, and magically makes the dove reappear from within the box.

• Tora magic quality.

• A great effect for any kind of audience.

• Clear instructions are supplied on a DVD.

• Easy to perform and with a strong visual impact.

• The apparatus is made carefully and has a good quality. The box measure cm 23 (9,05”) x 15,5 (6,1”) x 15 (5,9”).

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