Di Fatta
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Vincenzo Di Fatta

Owner and general manager
2 / 21

Lorenzo Di Fatta

Logistics Supervisor
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Viviana Di Fatta

Social Media Manager
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Valerio Cefaloni

Purchasing Manager
5 / 21

Daniela Dominicis

Customer Care
6 / 21

Tamara Fazio

Customer Care
7 / 21

Marco Teti

Sales Manager
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Mauro Pezzola

Magic Advisor
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Emanuela Giovannetti

Order Handling
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Mascia Mariani

Order Handling
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Eugenio Pennino

Warehouse worker
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Michela Corsi

Warehouse worker
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Angela Di Giorgio

Product packaging
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Concetta Di Fatta

Product packaging
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Paola Malacari

Full Stack Developer
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Michael Sermoneta

Full Stack Developer
17 / 21

Davide Stirlani

Full Stack Developer
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Giacomo Lorenzetti

Full Stack Developer
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Francesca Frasca

Art Director & Graphic Designer
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Stefano Fazio

Video Editing
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Salvatore Di Fatta

Our guardian angel, passed away on 11 September 2012.


Di Fatta Inc is established in 1986 from the owner's passion for magic. It is this passion which helped Di Fatta Inc. turning into one of the most widely-respected companies in the "magic business" on the international scene today.


The worldwide success achieved by our products is due not only to the excellent quality/price ratio, but also to the friendly and efficient service offered to all of our customers.


Our main goal is the quality of our products and the service offered. Your orders are followed up with punctuality and efficiency. Our warehouse staff prepares and selects all products, making sure that each one passes a quality control.


By entering our site with your password you can get to know our products along with price information. Now you can order directly from us with a simple click of your mouse!


All of our export sales are exclusively directed to dealers and wholesalers. If you are interested in our products and you are not a dealer or wholesaler, please ask your local retailer for information.