Appearing Glasses Illusion - With table

The magician shows two flat panels on both sides. He places them together and magically makes a glass appear from nowhere. The glass is set aside on a table. Then he shows the panels once again, places them together again, and makes a second glass appear. This action is repeated until at the end the magician has made 6 glasses appear! To finish, the magicians fills the glasses and toasts to the applause of the audience.

Great effect to open or close any show!

• All the necessary is supplied: the table, the glasses and the panels.
• The panles meaure cm 26,5 (10,43") x 14,8 (5,82"). The glasses are cm 10,5 (4,13") tall and have a diameter of cm 6,5 (2,36").
• The instruction are supplied as a practical video download. They are not spoken and completely visual. This makes them very easy to follow regardless of the nationality of the buyer.
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