Astor Mental by Astor

For this trick the magician uses a transparent Perspex board, five E. S. P. cards with blue back and five E. S. P. cards with red back. Every blue backed card has its matching red backed card. You will have the same E. S. P. symbols on the faces of these cards. The magician slips the blue cards into their slots on the board in an order only he knows. The spectator chooses one by one, in which matching slot the red cards should go, but he only sees the back of the cards. When the magician turns the board around, the blue back and red back cards are in the same order (top to bottom).

• Invented by Astor. The trick can be shown twice and the order of the cards won’t be the same.
• The cards are not specially prepared. At any time the spectator can decide to move the cards at his choice. The prediction will be always correct!

What Lennart Green has to say about Astor-Mental: “This item is just a 100% hit in mentalism! Clear, safe, quick, practical and just incredible. I was completely stunned when I saw it, fallen in love and bought it immediately. If you want to be a guru in this new-age society, just do the same! Congratulation Astor”.
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