Pompom mini

The magician shows a stick and aside the tips, through some strings, are attached two sets of pompom of different colours blue/yellow and green/red. The magician, by pulling one of the blue/yellow pompoms upwards or downwards, shows how both are joint on the same string and how it slides, without obstructions, through the holes of the stick. Now the real fun starts! When the magician pulls upwards or downwards one of the green/red pompoms, the spectators will see one of the blue/yellow pompoms go up.
The trick is repeated more times with increasing hilarity and involvement of the spectators that will go mad in trying to find a logic of the several movements. Obviously at the end, everyone will think that the pompoms are joined together inside the stick. To leave everyone astonished and lost, the magician divides the stick in two showing that nothing joins the pompom.
The stick is cm 23 long and has a diameter of cm 2,5. The pompon have a diameter of about cm 5. To storage it we also supply a velvet bag.
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