Rift by Cody Nottingham

Passing through a solid object isn't just for comic book heroes anymore!
Rift is a revolutionary breakthrough in the Card Through Window plot. Spread the cards across a glass window, and you effortlessly pull their card through the glass, using nothing more than your mouth. All this with your hands shown clearly empty and placed behind your back.
No palming, no magnets, no gimmicked windows. The spectator can genuinely lose the card back into the pack themselves. You walk up to any glass window or door and, with ease, you become the superhero!
- No cards palmed, controlled, or hidden up your sleeves.
- Hands are placed behind your back to ease suspicion.
- Cleanest Card Through Window on the market.
- Resets in seconds.
- A sleekly designed gimmick that gives you the power to bend the laws of physics.
- 50 mins of expert online instruction taught by Rift creator, Cody Nottingham. Even if they are in English, they are clear and easy to follow even for anybody that does not know this language.
Become a hero. Fracture the laws of physics with Rift.
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