Royal Transposition

Two giant cards are shown and then put into two empty drawstring bags of different colors. The Queen of Hearts is put into a red bag and the King of spades into a black one. After a magical gesture the two giant cards are taken out of the respective bags but… they will have magically changed places: the Queen will be taken out of the black bag and the King from the red one.
• A great effect for stage or parlor that packs flat and plays big.
• The velvety drawstring bags are very elegant soft and with nice colors.
• Once the transposition has taken place, everything can be examined by the spectators.
• The special cards (made of plastic) will do all the work for you. They measure cm 18,8 x 29,3 (7,4”x11,53”) and are 3mm thick. This means that they can be easily seen from a certain distance.
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