Sinked by Anthony Andres

The magician asks a spectator to take any card he likes and tells him to put his signature on the face of the card. The magician loses the card in the deck.
Now he takes an indifferent card and asks the spectator to give him any 2 digit number and any shapes they want. The magician puts the given numbers and the shapes at the back of the indifferent card. After showing it to them, in a blink of an eye the ink is visually vanishes on top of the deck, reappearing in the middle of the deck and exactly on the back of the chosen card!
• JL magic quality.
• Very easy to do. Instant set up. Reset any time.
• Includes gimmick (red back). Please note it does not include a Bicycle deck.
• The instructions are supplied in a DVD. They are in English, but very clear and easy to follow even for anybody that does not know this language.
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