Snow Deck by Yoan Tanuji

SNOW DECK offers your audience an imaginative experience. A simple and direct effect, which is very easy to perform and hits with serious impact!

One blank deck, a randomly named card and a killer revelation!
You introduce a deck where every card is blank on both sides, you remove one of the cards and ask a spectator to imagine a card printed on it (your spectator has a totally free choice of any card). The blank card is now placed back in to the deck. Now, instantly, without any sleights or moves, you spread the cards and one printed card back appears in amongst all the blanks! You now flip the spread over to show the face and of course the only card that exists in the deck is your spectators freely named card!
This is no pipe-dream, SNOW is easy to do, there are no sleights required and above all it’s A TOTALLY FREE CHOICE!

Yoan TANUJI (creator of Comic Book Test, Room 66, Bicycle Passport, Fast'n'Genious, Lotricks, etc.), left nothing to chance when creating the SNOW DECK.  During his 100’s of performances every detail has been thought out to offer your spectators a completely mind-blowing routine that will leave them speechless.
Unlike the Invisible Deck, Brainwave and Mental Photography, the  SNOW DECK does not use any Roughing. The SNOW deck is a self-contained masterpiece!
Learn SNOW DECK in minutes. Five routines are taught on the tutorial video which runs for 1h30. On the video Yoan is joined by the super talented Sébastien CALBRY who shares his amazing tips, ideas and routines for the SNOW Deck.
Points To Remember:
 -     No roughing.
-      Any Named card – Free choice.
-      Very easy to do.
-      No sleights required. 
-      Printed by USPCC – Air Cushion Finish – Bicycle Brand.
-      5 routines taught – 1h30 of video explanations.
-      Blue and Red reveals included.

“If you enjoy Invisible Deck or Mental Photography type routines like I do, Snow Deck takes a step even further as the card randomly named by a member of the audience will be the only one printed, back and face, in an all-blank deck. All this with one deck only and any card. Snow Deck is a guaranteed avalanche of applause!” - Boris Wild

"Yoan has created a wonderfully clever and clean looking routine with his Snow Deck. The thinking behind the deck is brilliant. The moment I saw it I loved it. In fact I have already created a few routines for it which I’m pleased to say one is included on the video tutorial" - Peter Nardi

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