Milk glass - Ultra

The magician shows a large glass full of milk or any dark colored liquid. He says that he would like to share it with the spectators. He take another glass for himself and pours all the liquid in it. Surprisingly, the glass from which it is poured, also remains full of liquid. In a nutshell, he is seen to be holding two glasses full of liquid! The magician drinks the contents of one glass. He then says that it is very difficult to distribute the other glass among so many spectators. So he resorts to magic. He asks the audience to imagine that they are sucking the liquid with a straw. The liquid from the glass is seen to decrease visibly.

• We supply a plastic glass. It is cm 12,5 high and has a diameter of cm 7,2.
• It can be washed after every performance, unlike all the other models on the market.
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