Chain Penetration

Two small panels each with a hole in their center, are secured to a small stand, and a metal chain is lowered between the two panels. Now a bolt is pushed through the hole in the panels a secured with a nut to avoid the chain from “escaping”. Incredibly just by pulling upwards the chain, it will get free from the two plates magically “melting” right through thru the bolt! For this effect simple and common objects are used: a metal chain, a nut and bolt, and two panels with holes in them. Mysteriously the chain will penetrate the bolt!

• Easy to do. Can be immediately repeated.

• The panels and stand measure cm 10,7 (4,21”) x 9,9 (3,89”) x 4,2 (1,65”).

• Close attention has been given to every detail. The stand, and the two panels are made of wood.

• The instruction are supplied as a practical video download. They are not spoken and completely visual. This makes them very easy to follow regardless of the nationality of the buyer.

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