De vo Vom Schattenreich - The Cobra Collection

Here's your chance to learn the most incredible one handed cuts in history!

DVD Contents:
The main focus on this DVD is to give you all the tips and advice you need to properly execute the infamous 4 main Cobra Cuts! These 4 are taught in explicit detail.

Basic Cobra - Standard 3 packet Cobra cut.
Triad Cobra - A 4 packet Cobra with a triad under the top packet.
Quad Cobra - A 4 packet Cobra with another packet parallel to the top packet.
King Cobra - The 5 packet ultimate Cobra! A combination of the Triad and Quad Cobra (see picture).

In addition to the main 4 Cobras, many tips and variations/ideas are included to include:

2 false Cobras.
Small hands method for the Basic Cobra.
Alternate method for the Basic Cobra.
Trait catches from basic to King, and multiple flipping packets/catches.
Spinning RC with Triad catch.
Crossed Cobras.
Cobra recoveries (2).
Super training tip.
Super performance tip.
Multiple Pro tips through the DVD.

AND AS A BONUS: the XCM multi media demo!
This is a complete XCM presentation/demo you can use anywhere you have a TV and a DVD player. From parties to full blown shows with big-screen, you can take this XCM demo and use it to set up your XCM act or demonstration. This presentation walks the audience through the basics of XCM with titles and music while YOU perform them for your audience. This is the first time ever that a multi-media XCM demo has been released to other artists. De'vo has used something very similar in his act for years, and now pass the torch on to those of you that want to perform Xtreme Card Manipulations for real audiences. This XCM demo has also been tailored to be used with the Cobra cut.

This DVD is over 1 hour long and taught with the critically acclaimed teaching style that is unique to De'vo. NO TALKING, and ALL original music! If you don't own De'vo's Cradle to Grave DVD, then you won't believe how clear and easy it is to learn with the style. For those that purchased CTG, De'vo has taken the teaching to a higher level on the Cobra DVD.
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