Flying Cube

The magician shows an elegant box, closed at the front with a panel. Once removed, everybody can see that inside there is a colorful cube with a metal wand going through it from side to side.
The magician removes the wand and slips off the cube. Now the box will be seen to be completely empty.
The cube is covered with another a small box. The wand slipped back in the first box and the panel is put back in place.
The magician makes a magic gesture, making the cube disappear from the small box. He then, removes the panel showing it has reappeared in the box, blocked by the magic wand!

An incredible transposition!

• Simple to do and practical to perform, with a great impact on every kind of audience.
• The apparatus is made of wood. The box measures 24 cm (9.44”) x 15.2 (5,98”) x 10.5 (4,13”). The box measures 8,8 cm (3,46”) on each side (plus the knob).
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