Funny Rabbit

The magician shows the audience a white rabbit standing on a pedestal. He then shows a colorful rectangular tube empty, and with it covers the white rabbit.
At this point he asks the spectators a simple question: what color is the rabbit? Everybody will say that it is white… but when the rabbit is shown again, it is now brown! The audience, in particular children will be initially surprised by this color change. So the magician decides to show everybody the effect again, and makes the brown rabbit change back to white. This time everybody will start to catch on to how the trick works, and will start to groan… the rabbit is obviously white on one side and brown on the other, and the magician is simply turning it around.
But right when everybody thinks that they have understood the trick, the magician turns the rabbit around, showing that on its other side there is a cute little mouse!

The item misures cm 27,5 (l) x 12,5 (h) x 4 (w) - (10,8 x 4,9 x 1,5)
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