Impossible travel

A spectator freely chooses a card, signs it and puts it back in the deck. The magician says he will find the card by holding the deck behind his back. After some mistakes he points out that on the table has always been in view a box and asks a spectator to open it. Inside there will be a folded card. The magician takes the box, puts the content in the palm of his hand... and incredibly the card is the one signed by the spectator!

• The deck is not provided, you can use your own deck of cards.
• There is no forcing, the card is freely chosen by the spectator.
• The box is made of wood and measures 6.7 cm (2,6") x 5.5 (2,2") x 4.8 (1,9").

In the video the effect is shown, but the actual item you will receive is shown in the photo.
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