Joker Balls & Tube

The magician shows a tube on which there are three colored dots. He lifts the tube and inside there is another transparent tube, which contains three balls of the same color as the dots.
The performer collects the balls and covers the transparent tube with the other one. He drops the balls in the tubes in the same order of the colored dots that are on the outer tube: first green, then yellow and finally red. He makes a magical gesture and in lifting the outside tube the balls will be seen stacked in a different order: red, green and yellow.
The magician repeats the effect a second time reaching, however, the same strange result. So he tries a third time but with a variant. The red ball is not dropped in the tubes but put into a bag.
A magical gesture and from the bag the ball disappears and reappears in the tubes, stacked like the two previous times!

A great classic!

• Simple and with a strong impact, ideal for a children's performers.
• The outer tube has a diameter of 6.5 cm and is 21.8 cm high. The balls have a diameter of about 5 cm.
• For the disappearance of the ball you can use a system of your choice, or a classic "change bag" (not supplied but available for purchase on our website).
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