Sitta Mutilated Parasol

The Magician shows the spectators a beautiful multicolored parasol. He opens it and closes it a few times and the carefully wraps it in a sheet of newspaper, leaving its tip and its handle in view. He then sets it down on the table. Now he shows some colored silks and puts them, one at a time, inside a bag that was previously shown empty. After a magical gesture, he rips open the bag projecting its contents in the air. Instead of the silks there will now be the cover of the parasol! To finish the magician takes the parasol out from the newspaper, and opening it up, shows that the cover has completely vanished and hanging from each of the parasols ribs there are the colored silks!

• This is an original Sitta item and the quality is excellent.

• All the necessary is supplied. And the silks are naturally 100% pure silks.

• The parasol, that is cm 81 (31,9”) long, is supplied inside an elegant and practical transparent plastic tube (great to you for transporting it).

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