Split Die Box - Black

You display two boxes on a tray. Each box has a big round cut out in front with a sliding window and a hinged door on top. When rested on the tray they appear to be like a regular die box. Show a die and place it in one box and make it magically travel to the other box and vice versa. Finally the boxes are separated from the tray but still the die invisibly travels from one box to the other.
The special feature of this model is that you can at any time show the die to have appeared or disappeared from either of the box. Finally open all the doors and windows of both the boxes and show that the die has completely vanished and reappeared in a hat or elsewhere.
This effect is similar to the traditional “Die Box”, but with a significant addition!
• The item is carefully made in wood, and is easy to perform.
• Assembled on the tray, it measures cm 26 (l) x 14 (h) x14 (w).
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