The Hidden King Luxury Editions - Rainbow

"In July 2018, we finished all the luxury series prototype with Taiwan Playing Card Company. Redesigned from the Regularly Editions, and newly-developed printing techniques!

Rainbow Edition utilised a high brightness printing technique that offers an incomparable rainbow colouring.
Rainbow Editions with uniquely coated foil-printed surface and flapless underside on its tuckcase.

Behind the Storie
The Rainbow Edition can not be printed by 54 plates for each single color. We need to mix from 4 colors by CMYK with print craftsmen to present the 54-card brightness spectrum colouring. This had taken us 1-2 weeks in the testing over and over again to make sure we can present full 54 colours correctly. You will be amazed.
This edition it's a limited edition."

• The cards are poker size.
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