Tora Dice and Silk - Zebra

The magician shows an elegant box. He rubs it with a white silk, and from the box takes out a large white die. He puts the die back in the box and the rubs it with a red silk. Opening the box again, the die will now be seen to be red. Now he puts together the two silks and pushes them into a hole in the box. When he pulls them out from a hole underneath the box, the two silks are seen to have blended into one red and white silk. To finish, the box is rubbed with the red and white silk and when the die is pulled out... it has red and white stripes on it!

• Tora magic quality.

• A great effect for any kind of audience.

• Clear instructions are supplied on a DVD.

• Easy to perform and with a strong visual impact.

• The items are produced with care in a plastic material. The box measures cm 12,2 (4,8") on each side and is cm 10,2(4") tall.

NOTE: The final striped die, as one spot on each face as in the photograph.

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